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Picture The Greenline Triwall series carton staple is specifically designed to fit the Carton Closing "Giant" stapler. This "Giant" staple has a longer leg length that allows it to close the heaviest corrugated triwall material. Triwall boxes are more common for transporting heavy product and this is the only industrial staple that can comfortably handle some industrial packaging jobs. Carton stapling provides a rapid method for securely closing corrugated boxes. The Greenline triwall carton staple is manufacturered by the Carton Closing Company a respected manufactuer of box staplers and automated stapling equipment.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
100137Industrial Staples - Triwall Staples- Greenline #100 - 1"
100138Industrial Staples - Triwall Staple - Greenline #118 - 1-1/8"
100139Industrial Staples - Triwall Staple -Greenline #114 - 1-1/4"
100140Industrial Staples - Triwall Staple - Greenline #138 - 1-3/8"

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