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Picture Gummed tape and kraft tape can be used for a variety of packaging application. Reinforced gummed tape has fiberglass threads woven into the tape to provide strength for closing heavy products. Both gummed and kraft tape are paper tapes that can be recycled along with the boxes. These tapes use a water based adhesive that binds strongly to the box. Gummed and kraft tape can improve package appearance and the general aesthetic of your product. At Boatman Marking we carry a wide variety of gummed and kraft tapes for your packaging needs.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
101353Gummed Tape - Brown Kraft Tape 3" x 600 ft, 10 rolls non-reinforced
101356Gummed Tape - White Reinforced Gummed Tape 3" x 375 ft, 8 rolls per case
101348Gummed Tape - Brown Reinforced Gummed Tape 3" x 375 ft, 8 rolls per case

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