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Picture A pneumatic plier stapler is used to assemble corrugated trays and lids. Fast and nimble these plier staplers allow for stapling in confined spaces. They can be bench mounted and sequenced to trigger multiple staplers with a foot pedal switch for increased productivity. Lighter versions of pneumatic plier staplers are ideal for closing bags or mailers. The most relevant brands for this type of air stapler are Josef Kihlberg and Stanley Bostitch.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
100049Plier Stapler - Pneumatic Plier Stapler JK 779 - Josef Kihlberg 779 Stapler Long Magazine
100054Plier Stapler - Kihlberg 590 - Tri Wall Stapler
100047Plier Stapler - Pneumatic Plier Stapler 777 Stapler - JK777 Stapler
100256Plier Stapler - Bostitch P50-10B, Bostitch P50 Stapler
103941Plier Stapler - Bostitch P51-10B, Bostitch P51 Stapler
100260Plier Stapler - Pneumatic Plier Stapler, Bostitch ESD450S2P
100257Plier Stapler - Pneumatic Plier Stapler, Bostitch, P50-5B

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