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Picture A manual plier stapler is often used to seal plastic bags and mailers. They are commonly found in shipping rooms because of their general utility. The staple used is a thicker wire than that found in an office stapler. Manual plier staplers are for low volume useage. For higher outputs we recommend upgrading to a pneumatic stapling plier as the hand motion of the tool can be tiring for the user. The Stanley-Bostitch and Rapid brands are the most preferred.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
101528Plier Stapler - Rapid 1 Stapler, Plier Stapler
100052Plier Stapler - Rapid 31 Stapler, Plier Stapler
101526Plier Stapler - Rapid 31 Stapler with Point, Plier Stapler
101767Plier Stapler - Bostitch B8 Stapler, Bostitch B8 Plier Stapler
101527Plier Stapler - Bostitch P3 IND Stapler, Plier Stapler
102254Plier Stapler - Bostitch P6C-8 Plier Stapler, Bostitch P6C
101529Plier Stapler - Bostitch P6C-8P Plier Stapler with Point

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