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Picture The Diagraph GPX permanent marker is an outstanding industrial marker. The GPX permanent marker is designed to mark on surfaces that traditionally are difficult to write on. The Diagraph GPX industrial marker will mark on metal, wood, rebar, steel, glass and other non-porous surfaces. This industrial marker can also mark on cardboard and plastics. This Diagraph GPX marker comes in a variety of colors that are weather and fade resistant. Many companies will only use the GPX because of its outstanding qualities. At Boatman Marking we carry the GPX permenent industrial marker as well as other Diagraph products.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
102593Industrial Markers - GPX Marker, Classic, Black - Diagraph Valve Marker
104498Industrial Markers - GPX Marker, Classic, Blue - Diagraph Valve Marker
102598Industrial Markers - GPX Marker, Classic, Green - Diagraph Valve Marker
102596Industrial Markers - GPX Marker, Classic, Red - Diagraph Valve Marker
102595Industrial Markers - GPX Marker, Classic, White - Diagraph Valve Marker
102594Industrial Markers - GPX Marker, Classic, Yellow - Diagraph Valve Marker
105147Replacement Tips for GPX Paint Markers, Taper Down, Acrylic
104277Industrial Markers - GPX Marker Replacement Tips

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