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Picture Packing peanut dispensers are useful to companies with a high demand for packaging with a loose fill type of cushioning. The dispensers hang from the ceiling and have a hand operated valve at the bottom for easy use. Boatman Marking carries a variety of dispenser sizes to fulfill your packaging needs.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
101582Packing Peanut Dispensers - Black Dispenser 15 Cubic Feet
101583Packing Peanut Dispensers - Blue Dispenser 15 Cubic Feet
101584Packing Peanut Dispensers - Black Dispenser 30 Cubic Feet
101585Packing Peanut Dispensers - Blue Dispenser 30 Cubic Feet
101586Packing Peanut Dispensers - Blue Dispenser 60 Cubic Feet
101587Packing Peanut Dispensers - Blue Dispenser 90 Cubic Feet
101588Packing Peanut Dispensers - Blue Dispenser 90 Cubic Feet Bag Only
101589Packing Peanut Dispensers - Blue Dispenser 140 Cubic Feet

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