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Picture Strapack's RQ-8IR2 and RQ-8IR3 automatic strapping machines are specially designed for graphic arts, magazine and newspaper distribution and the direct mail industry. This strapping machine is capable of reaching 40 straps per minute with a re-feed function that allows for a continuous operation even if a strap forwarding failure were to occur. The internal reel of these machines are ideal for office applications, and they are often used to bundle office reports and publications. The RQ-8IR2 and RQ-8IR3 easily accommodate mail trays through the use of angled sides that are designed to support mail trays. Mail flats easily fit into the 27" wide by 16" high arch of these machines. Boatman marking offers a full range of Strapack strapping machines and strapping equipment.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
103959Strapping Machines - Strapack RQ-8IR2 Strapping Machine, 16" H x 27" W
103960Strapping Machines - Strapack RQ-8IR3 Strapping Machine, 16" H x 27" W

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