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Picture Bag Tape Sealer

A bag tape sealer is a rapid way to close bags.The operator only needs to place the bag through the opening and a band of bag sealer tape is mechanically applied to the bag. This allows for a much faster and cleaner method of bag closure versus traditional methods. This bag tape sealer also supports a variety of different tape colors to allow for color coding systems. There is a stainless steel version tape bag sealer for food applications.

Picture Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser

Multi-Roll tape dispensers are used to dispense a variety of industrial tapes. They have a heavy duty construction and can hold many rolls of industrial tapes.

Picture Label Protection Tape Dispenser

Label protection tape dispensers are used in a variety of shipping areas. Sturdy constructions makes them very versatile.

Picture Multi Roll Label Dispenser - Label Dispensers

Multi-roll lable dispensers are used to dispense a variety of shipping labels. A multi-roll label dispenser can also be used to dispense shipping tapes.

Picture Utility Knives

Utility knives and box cutters are common tools that can be used in a variety of trades for different purposes. Utility knives are very useful in the shipping and receiving department. We offer a variety of utility knives and replacement blades.

Picture Packing Tape Dispensers

Packing tape dispensers are found is a variety of packing operations. These packaging tape dispensers come in several different styles to match your packaging needs. We offer high quality packing tape dispensers from economy to heavy duty.

Picture Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser - Paper Tape Dispenser

Manual gummed tape dispensers are a great way to effectively secure packages and cartons. Manual gummed tape dispensers are ideal for low to moderate volume packages, since they offer the strength, seal integrity, attractive, and professional closures that are needed in the packaging industry. These tape machines are very versatile since they do not require electrical cords, and are able to successfully perform in the harshest of environments for many years.

Picture Better Pack 555 Gummed Tape Dispenser - Paper Tape Dispenser

Electric tape machines are the best way to efficiently and productively close boxes with paper tape. The ergonomic design allows for moderate to high volume packaging. This is because gummed tape offers the strength, seal integrity, and professional closures needed for a quality box. One of the greatest benefits of an electric tape dispenser is the great speed that electric tape machines have, an actual 28% faster result. Electric tape machines also cut down waste of the paper tape. Better pack is a long term leader in box taping technologies and Boatman Making offers a wide selection.

Picture Paper Tape Dispenser Accessories

The Better Pack 555e gummed tape dispenser is ergonomically designed to be versatile enough to support many different applications. There are several optional accessories available that can help increase production and cut down on production time. We offer a full line of Better Packages products

Picture Filament Tape - Masking Tape Dispenser

Filament tape dispensers are used for the fast application of filament or masking tapes. These are simple and rugged tape dispensers.

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