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Picture Stencil Machine Supplies - Stencil Paper Rolls

Boatman Marking offers a varied selection of electronic cutting media which includes Poly-NT, Stencil Board, Transfer Tape, Ultra-Cut, and Vinyl material. These accessories are compatible with the SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine.

Picture Stencil Machine Supplies - Stencil Boards

Processed with a special formula of double-boiled linseed oil, and is cut with-the-grain for extra rigidity. Is lubricated with each cut, extending the life of your stencil machine, and resists ink absorption so the same stencil can be used many times.

Picture Stencil Machine Supplies - Stencil Ink Rollers

Oneshot stencil system is used with stencil machines and is flexible, portable, and convenient. These stencil inks are CONEG certified and SARA compliant and are convenient for remote job sites. Oneshot applicators and ink works great on porous and non-porous surfaces. The no-mess durable ink cartridge is fully disposable. These applicators meet U.S. Government ink specifications. Oneshot stencil ink rollers come with a replaceable neoprene roller and plastic cover. Boatman Marking carries Oneshot kits, assemblies, replacement rolls, and ink for all of your stenciling needs.

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