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Impulse Sealer - 20" Impulse Hand Sealer, 5mm Seal

Impulse Sealer - 20" Impulse Hand Sealer, 5mm Seal
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Boatman No.: 103687
Product: Impulse Sealer - 20" Impulse Hand Sealer, 5mm Seal

An impulse sealer is a type of bag sealer used to close plastic bags and poly-tubing with heat. Impulse sealers are ubiquitous to most industries and packaging operations. Hand impulse sealers are more commonly found in lower volume applications. A standard heat sealer will close a plastic bag up to 6 mil thick. A 5mm seal provides a stronger seal and can be used on bags up to 10 mil thick. It is important to understand that a heat sealer with a cutter should be used for poly-tubing. Another rule of thumb is to purchase a sealer that is 2 inches larger than the widest bag that needs to be heat sealed. The extra inch on each side of the bag will allow a strong seal and faster operation. A foot sealer should be considered for moderate volume applications and a band sealer for high volume. Boatman Marking offers a wide variety of impulse sealers for a spectrum of different packaging needs.

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Poly Bag Sealers
Unit of Measure: each
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Minimum Order Quantity for Calculation: 1
Quantity: each
Seal Length: 20"
Seal Thickness: 6 mil
Seal Width: 5 mm

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