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About Boatman Marking

For nearly half a century, Boatman Marking has focused on the importance of high quality products, service, and reliability. The history of Boatman Marking goes back over 45 years when Jack Boatman first began to provide materials for industrial marking and product identification. Over time the company has expanded to serve the Los Angeles and greater Southern California area and still growing. Although the company has grown and evolved, the same commitment to first rate quality and customer service has remained the same.

The key to Boatman Marking's success lies in the vast experience that has been gained over the forty-six year span of providing high quality products and service. Boatman Marking prides itself in its knowledgeable sales and customer service personnel. Boatman Marking's expertise in products, parts, and maintenance is an invaluable asset in the packaging industry. Our personnel will be able to reliably identify customer's packaging needs and supply the best solution for a wide array of packaging applications. The development of our company depends on the partnership we share with our customers, which is why we strive to meet our customer's needs. Over the years, Boatman Marking has continued to build its reputation based on industrial expertise and reliable service.

Boatman Marking is your one stop solution for your packaging needs. Boatman Marking has a dedication to high quality products and service which provide our customers with the right solutions that will increase productivity. Boatman Marking's consistent high standards of quality along with a dedication to customer satisfaction has made us a valuable resource in the packaging industry. Where professional grade quality, products, service, and reliability are of great importance, then Boatman Marking is the ideal choice.