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Electric Tape Machine - Better Pack 555eSA

Electric Tape Machine - Better Pack 555eSA
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Boatman No.: 100027
Product: Electric Tape Machine - Better Pack 555eSA

The Better Pack 555esa electric paper tape machine is the world leader. With years of paper tape machine innovation Better Pack has created an excellent machine that provide years of high use reliable service. A Better Pack 555 will save on the time it takes to apply paper tape as well as reducing wasted excess tape. The 555esa differs from the 555es version in that it has a robot repeater function. This is if you do the same size box you can program different sizes of tape to be dispensed immediately after pulling the piece from the machine. This way the operator just keeps pulling tape and the machine automatically feeds him the next appropriate size. Boatman Marking has a wide selection of paper tape machines and a full line of Better Pack products.