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Picture I-Bar and L-Bar Sealers - Repair Kits

I-bar and l-bar sealers require replacement of wear parts over the lifetime of the machine. Repair kits contain the spare parts that are required to do the replacement of the worn parts. The repair kit for I-bar and l-bar sealers come complete with the required heating elements, lower ptfes and upper ptfes.

Picture Shrink Wrap Systems

Shrink wrap systems are excellent for sealing and shrinking P.P., P.V.C., and P.E., materials and are commonly used in industrial environments. Shrink wrap systems help enhance the appearance as well as the value of any product by protecting it from dirt, dust, moisture, handling, and pilfering. At Boatman Marking we offer a variety of shrink wrap systems like the L-bar sealer which increases production and saves time by making two seals at once, and the I-bar sealer which requires no warm up time and is simple to operate.

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