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Featured Article - Introduction to Carton Staplers

A carton stapler is used to close or seal the upper or top part of a corrugated carton box with a metal staple. Here is a rough breakdown on some categories and choices.

There are two kinds of carton staplers, the manual carton stapler and the pneumatic carton stapler. The manual carton stapler is manually operated with the force exerted by hand while the pneumatic carton stapler is hand -held but is air-driven. Operation with a pneumatic stapler can be much easier compared to the manual type. The manual carton stapler can be very versatile; it does not require electricity or compressor to operate. It can be used in farm fields or work yards where a compressor may not be available. The pneumatic carton stapler should be considered to...

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Featured Categories
Carton Staplers, Manual Carton Staplers, Manual

A manual carton stapler is used for closing the tops of boxes. Box staplers provide the strongest most reliable way to close a box and keep it closed...

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Roll Staplers Roll Staplers

A roll carton stapler is a very efficient method to close the tops of corrugated boxes. Faster than an ordinary air carton stapler, there are 1000 sta...

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