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Featured Article - What Brand of Carton Stapler?

What Brand of Carton Stapler Should I Consider For My Packaging Needs?

You may have noticed that, while browsing through the carton staplers here at Boatman Marking, there are three main manufacturers mentioned. These manufacturers are Carton Closing, Josef Kihlberg, and Stanley-Bostitch. Maybe while you were considering your needs, you wondered how the manufacturer might effect your purchase. You probably wanted to know of the advantages and disadvantages of each. If the manufacturer was one of the factors you would like to look into when considering the right choice of carton stapler for your company then read on.

Carton Closing Company (CCC)

The Carton Closing Company, or CCC, has already a long track record in the stapling a...

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Box Staples - A Staples Box Staples - A Staples

The A staple is a heavy duty box staple. The "A" designation refers to the crown width of the staple. An A staple has a crown staple dimension of 1 ...

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Industrial Staples - Josef Kihlberg JK 671 Staples Industrial Staples - Josef Kihlberg JK 671 Staples

Josef Kihlberg 671 industrial staples are used in the T50 industrial tacker. This industrial staple is for use in the Kilhlberg 671 stapler. It is a...

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