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Featured Article - Constant Heat Sealers

Here at Boatman Marking, we want to ensure that you are provided with the best information to make an informed decision when choosing a product. This article offers some information about constant heat sealers.

Constant heat sealers are bag sealers which deliver a constant source of heat to the bag to be sealed, hence the name, constant heat sealer. The constant heat creates higher heat levels and allows this sealer to seal heavier bags, or bags with higher mel...

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Double Impulse Sealer - Double Heat Sealer Double Impulse Sealer - Double Heat Sealer

Double impulse heat sealers are ideal for heavy duty applications that require higher temperatures such as the sealing of plastic lined, foil and guss...

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Foot Sealer - Foot Heat Sealer Foot Sealer - Foot Heat Sealer

Foot sealers are excellent for sealing various types of materials such as polycello, cellophane, polyethylene, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset ba...

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