Strapping Machines - Stapack JK-2 Strapping Machine

Strapping Machines - Stapack JK-2 Strapping Machine
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Boatman No.: 101999
Product: Strapping Machines - Stapack JK-2 Strapping Machine

Strapack has a history of producing high quality strapping machines and this strapping machine delivers results. The Strapack JK-2 semi-automatic strapping machine is designed to meet industrial packaging demands economically and efficiently. The JK-2 machine offers feed length memory, adjustable table height, easy strap width conversion, capability of soft tension and replacement parts free reel brake. The Strapack JK-2 is operator dependent for the loading and strapping process. These machines can be successfully used in a variety of industries and applications. For maximum productivity, we recommend the Strapack JK-2 series. The high quality Strapack JK-2 comes with a 6 month warranty and guarantees great results. Boatman Marking offers a full line of Strapack strapping machines and strapping equipment.

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