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Featured Article - Heat Sealer for Plastic Bags

Heat sealers for plastic bags are designed to rapidly seal bags for industry. There are two general types of heat sealers for plastic bags. The first and most common is the impulse heat sealer. The second type is the constant heat sealer. Each type of heat sealer has its own features and applications.

An impulse heat sealer for plastic bags is very common in industry. This type of impulse sealer works by applying a brief electrical impulse down a wire in the jaw of the machine. This occurs at the same time that...

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Double Impulse Sealer - Double Heat Sealer Double Impulse Sealer - Double Heat Sealer

Double impulse heat sealers are ideal for heavy duty applications that require higher temperatures such as the sealing of plastic lined, foil and guss...

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Impulse Sealer Elements - Repair Kits Impulse Sealer Elements - Repair Kits

Impulse sealers require replacement of wear parts over the lifetime of the machine. Impulse sealer repair kits contain the spare parts required to do ...

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