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Featured Article - The Types of Bottom Carton Staplers in Packaging

Bottom carton staplers look and work in an interesting manner. This stapler may be overlooked at times but it is one the most important regarding packaging with staples.

A bottom stapler also called a foot stapler is used to close or seal the bottom of corrugated boxes. To use this device an operator has to invert the empty carton and place the flaps accordingly on the post. When the foot pedal of the stapler is depressed (or foot switch is triggered, for the pneumatic operated), the stapling head comes down and applies the staple firmly on to the bottom flaps.

Bottom staplers can broadly be identified using 3 categories: the...

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Carton Staplers, Pneumatic Carton Staplers, Pneumatic

An pneumatic carton stapler (also called an air stapler) is used for closing the tops of corrugated boxes. Carton staplers provide the strongest most ...

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