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The Amazing Automatic Bag Sealers!

At Boatman Marking, we try to provide you with many options when choosing the right product for your company. Among the many bag sealers we offer, we also have automatic heat sealers. These heat sealers save tremendously in time and can aid in reducing the expense of labor cost.

Automatic heat sealers come in two varieties; impulse sealers and constant heat sealers. The impulse and constant features of automatic heat sealers work just the same as any regular impulse sealer or constant heat sealer. The special feature of automatic heat sealers is the automated aspect. Automatic heat sealers have several settings to make your sealing job effortless. There are settings for heat level, closed time, open time, and in the case of automatic impulse sealers, impulse and congealing time. This allows the user complete access to the product without operating the machine.

With automatic heat sealers, a foot pedal is also provided. This foot pedal gives the user more freedom to work at a pace which is more comfortable for them. If the open time is set for 5 seconds, but the worker only needs 3 to change the bags to be sealed, the foot pedal can be given a quick press to start the sealing process all over again. The foot pedal can also be used to operate the automatic bag sealer manually by holding down the pedal to close the sealer and releasing the pedal to open the sealer.

Double automatic heat sealers are also available. These automatic sealers have two sealing elements, one on the top and one on the bottom. Double sealers are able to seal much thicker bags than single sealers. The beauty of double sealers is that they can be used as single sealers as well by turning off one of the sealing elements. This quality gives double sealers much versatility.

If your business needs require high volume sealing, then an automatic heat sealer should be right for you. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact Boatman Marking by phone, email, or live chat. Our friendly staff is waiting to help you.
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